The James Beard “Beauty of Basilicata” Dinner

Luigi Diotaiuti
Luigi Diotaiuti

As a chef, presenting a dinner at an establishment like the James Beard Foundation is an ultimate accomplishment. Chef Luigi decided to use the occasion to represent his homeland in a seven-course dinner called “The Beauty of Basilicata.”

The passion and dedication to tradition in Basilicata, along with its unique terroir and the multilayered cultural influences in its history truly set the region apart. The area is rich in superior, label-protected products—sundried sweet peppers from Senise, Sarconi beans, and cheeses like caciocavallo Podolico, Pecorino di Moliterno, and others—products that are now beginning to receive worldwide recognition.

His goal the James Beard dinner was to highlight Basilicata’s gastronomic treasures by using the native ingredients of the region and transforming them into elegant and exciting dishes. I later made a documentary from the evening which can be viewed here.

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