Luigi Diotaiuti

Luigi Diotaiuti

Cultivate happiness and health
through agricultural sustainability.

Making others happy and healthy has always been my goal as I run my own charitable non-profit organization, prepare a perfect plate of handmade pasta in my restaurant, and create important events. Growing up on a farm in Basilicata, I was taught how the symbiotic relationship between the local soil, crops, livestock and humans promotes physical and mental well-being. Transforming respectable agricultural traditions and healthy lifestyles into sustainable income and food security models allows me to create lasting happiness and health for future generations.

Premio Sirino in Transumanza.

“Premio Sirino in Transumanza” is an initiative conceived by chef Luigi Diotaiuti to enhance the culinary traditions of Basilicata and train future ambassadors of food in the world. It is a challenge between the best hotel management schools in the region, which have to prepare a typical dish with local ingredients. The first edition took place in January 2020 in Lagonegro and saw the Maratea institute win.


Luigi Diotaiuti is a world authority on Italian cuisine and culture, who promotes culinary traditions at risk of extinction in the world, among his clients there are celebrities such as George Clooney, Julia Roberts and Harrison Ford. Discover the images of Luigi’s kitchen and life.


I° Congresso Internazionale
sui Grani.

On 25 October 2022, it held its first International Congress on grains in Matera. The event’s panel discussion focused on climate change and political obstacles along with the effects of the conflicts that have caused the current grain crisis.